McCain sowing seeds of hate?

This is an opinion piece by Betty Jean King originally posted at Free-Me-Now.

What’s this I hear; Obama supporters are complaining that McCain supporters are getting a little testy with them? Well it’s about time! Just like their illustrious leader they are bullies- when you stand up to a bully they go running home crying because somebody stood up to them! All I can say is – they ought not to have started something they were not tough enough to finish.

There are angry and ready to rumble Mc Cain supporters out there and I could easily become one of them. I am being driven toward it – propelled daily by the hate mongering Obama supporters who have for 2 years antagonized, bashed, battered and harassed us. They have laughed in our faces believing they have this in the bag, thinking their party can not possibly lose. They have this ace – errrr – race card up their sleeve and it seems to trump all other cards. And up to now it seems to have worked.

They have called us racists, have intimidated us and now are trying to steal this election and our very democracy from us. Just today on the street I was accused of being a racist simply for having a sign that read “Democrat for McCain” and my friend was called a racist, her sign read “Women for McCain and Palin”

Do they take us for fools? Do they think we have short memories? Do they think our women are that short sighted, that they have no dignity or pride? Do they think our men have no dignity and or pride in their wives, mothers or daughters?

Yes there are hate mongering supporters, but it is not something that John McCain started this week as the main stream media and the Obama camp would have you believe. No No No – this angry angst that you are witnessing from McCain supporters is the result of frustration these American citizens feel as they watch their democracy slip through their fingers while the media blindly reports racism where none exists and allows blatant sexism to rage on unchecked.

Every time Obama is questioned – about anything – it’s a lynching according to the Obamabots, the pundits and bought and paid for media stooges. This has been going on since Obama entered his name into the race. No one has been able to ask him anything about anything. First Hillary and now Sarah have been treated in the most despicable way imaginable. How can we go out into this world preaching against sexism, women’s rights and human rights when we are the worst offenders? Any country that allows their women to be humiliated in this fashion has absolutely no standing to preach to any other country regarding women’s rights.

Congressman Lewis claims McCain and Palin are sewing the seeds of hate in their supporters? Has he seen and heard Obama supporters? In Philly the people on the streets wore derogatory shirts and yelled ’stone’ her! I believe that amounts to a threat on her life! At a hockey game televised worldwide she was booed – how classy! Obama supporters have been very effective at crashing Hillary meetings over the past 18 months causing disruptions. I’ve been assaulted therein myself and now they do the same to Sarah. Congressman, your bias is showing.

Mr. Lewis if you missed that, are you aware of the Obama Celebs- they are notorious. Jay Z; Ludacris; Madonna, Sandra Bernhard: Obama Supporter Threatens Sarah Palin With Gang Rape is that acceptable to you? Read about that here and I expect your comments on these supporters forthcoming sir.

In a country where racism is not tolerated we apparently not only tolerate sexism we make it into a thriving business! Congressman Lewis before you start accusing McCain and Palin of anything at this late stage maybe you should have spoken up about 2 years ago when Obama, his campaign or the party or the media or anyone for that matter did not stop his supporters from what they did to Hillary and are now doing to Sarah. Where is your outrage about this you damned hypocrite? Or don’t white girls’ have civil rights that matter to you?

Let’s hear from you Congressman Lewis. Let’s hear from you Al Sharpton, Let’s hear from the rest of you screaming civil rights leaders. Women’s Rights are Human Rights aren’t they? Human Rights are Civil Rights aren’t they? Damned Hypocrites!

Tell me folks- what pictures, signs and shirt have you seen on the streets that cry racism? Have you actually seen anything or is it just race baiting instead? Let me show you what blatant looks like so you can recognize PURE damned SEXISM – not innuendo- not maybe- not my imagination – not my hysteria- not coincidence. Damn it -let me show you just a hint- not a lot just a hint of what I have seen on the streets for nearly two years that clearly cries Sexism.

Let’s look at yet another form of blatant Sexism. Think about how they are trotting Hillary out all over the country not to pay down her own campaign debt but to raise money for Obama- yes Obama – her abuser and the highest money raiser in history . Sounds like they really want to stick it to us doesn’t it? Go out and raise money for the man and the party that abused you – beat you and cheated on you and do it with a smile honey!

Still feel like a Democrat? Still want to leave that Top of the ticket empty rather than vote against our beloved party do we? Sure go right ahead – help the Dems! They are really more on your side then Sarah Palin aren’t they? She’s gonna set you further back than that? Keep dreaming ladies – by my account ain’t nobody going set us further back than that. I will do everything in my power to stop the party and the man that did this to Her and to every woman who ever marched so that we could have the right to vote against the Democratic party on November 4th in protest for the way they treat women in America 160 years after our ancestors first stood up against these dirty bastards so that we would have a leg to stand upon now.

Grow up- take your place as a woman and finish the job our mothers and their mothers before them started- damn it!

Update: Some of the worst accusations about McCain/Palin “sowing” the seeds of hate not true.  Secret Service says “Kill Him” comment from Palin rally crowd never happened.

The Times UK: “Yes, We Can?” Make That “Oops We May Not.” Cancel The Coronation…

There is an absolutely fantastic article in the Times about the race between Obama and McCain…  just amazing.  I encourage everyone to read it.


There’s trouble in paradise. Cancel the coronation. Send back the commemorative medals. Put those “Yes We Can” T-shirts up on eBay. Keep the Change.

Barack Obama’s historic procession to the American presidency has been rudely interrupted. The global healing he promised is in jeopardy. If you’re prone to emotional breakdown, you might want to take a seat before I say this. He might not win.

How can it be, you ask? Didn’t we see him just last month speaking to 200,000 adoring Germans in Berlin? Didn’t he get the red carpet treatment in France – France of all places? Doesn’t every British politician want to be seen clutching the hem of his garment?

All true. But as cruel geography and the selfish designs of the American Founding Fathers would have it, Europeans don’t get to choose the US president. Somewhere along the way to the Obama presidency, somebody forgot to ask the American people.

And wouldn’t you know it, they insist on looking this gift thoroughbred in the mouth. Who’d have thought it? You present them with the man who deigns to deliver them from their plight and they want to sit around and ask hard questions about who he is and what he believes and where he might actually take the country. The ingrates!

The is so much more to the article…  very insightful and a great read.  Highly recommend.

Thanks to Kelligesq

Fox News Picks Up On The PUMA Blogger Shut Down!

Maybe the Obama Net Attack Dogs will get their come uppance, some negative publicity, and we might get some justice…  probably not, but a boy can dream, can’t he?

Well, Fox is at least giving us some publicity…  (Why is it always Fox!?!?!)  And one of my fave bloggers even got some press!,2933,382452,00.html

Some bloggers opposed to Barack Obama say they suspect Obama’s supporters — with the assistance of Google — may have tried to censor them when the Internet giant froze their Web sites for five days last month.

Seven blogs run by Democrats who oppose Obama’s nomination for the presidency were incorrectly flagged as spam sites by Blogger, the hosting service Google has owned since 2003. Google says it was an automated response from a spam filter.

But the bloggers believe that Web surfers who support Obama took advantage of a loophole in Blogger’s system that allows readers to report spam blogs, the artificial Web sites that abound on the Internet and are used to promote other sites.

“It appears that [Blogger’s] policy can be manipulated by people determined to shut down the free exchange of ideas,” said Carissa Snedeker, whose blog, BlueLyon, was among those that were frozen.

This was crazy…  and it had to have been intentional…  and it made me incredibly angry.

I have watched the “netroots” get taken over by an army of Obamatrons for the last year and a half and I am done with it, as it seems are many PUMAs.  We are taking back out territory, as we should.

I never thought that I would actually say this…  but thanks Fox.  I appreciate it.

(OMG – wtf is going on!!!)

TexasDarlin and Her Page Of Hate Mail

When I talk to friends of mine…  (you know, the three dimesional kind in this funky place called “IRL”…) they often ask what turned me off to Obama intially, and I respond…  It’s his supporters.

The next question is, invariably, why?  That’s kind of weird…  and then I have to describe all the crazy crap I have had hurled at me…

They, of course, say something like…  “So you are not going to support this guy because people that support him called you a racist?”

No, of course not, there is much more to it than that, but the supporters are an issue.  I will not deny that.  They are crazed and it is encouraged by the campaign IMO.  It is too rampant and widespread not to be.

I never could express the pure venom and hatred effectively enough to make them understand… until I found TexasDarlin’s Page Of Hate Mail From Obama Bloggers.

This fantastic (in the holy crap, i can’t friggin believe it sense of the word) collection has all the classics, and a few new hits that I had not seen before.  Here are a couple highlights, but tell me which is your favorite….

You might as well just off yourself now, TexasDarlin. I don’t think you’ll be able to keep from hurting yourself or others until November — why risk hurting others?


God you are a stupid lying cunt. Larry’s a fat stupid piece of shit, and frankly so are you you lying fucking cunt. I hope social services takes away your kids, because your lying cunt ways are truly damaging them.


If there are no racist comments allowed, then you need to ban yourself you stupid texas racist fucking cunt. You’re a piece of shit, and frankly, Child services needs to take your children away as you are one of the worst fucking mothers on the planet. You are the reason that there should be licenses to have children.  What a dumb racist bitch.


Keep in mind that she has made no real racist comments.  The comments that these people are referring to are legitimate quetions and concerns about the policies and character of Obama himself.  But they seem to think that any criticism of the Precious is racially motivated…  nice, huh?

oh, and threatening her children…  way to stay classy Obamatrons.

Check out the rest at TexasDarlin and don’t forget to check out some of her other stuff too.  She has been doing some fantastic investigative journalism on the DailyKos version of Obama’s Birth Certificate…

BTW – my favorite part of that whole thing is that a great many of the people that left those messages also, very obviously, left their real email addresses…  so classy AND smart.  Maybe that is why I don’t like Obama…  Not classy or smart enough for them!


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