Number Of Birth Certificate Lawsuits Explodes To 8

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5 Responses

  1. Well, if nothing else the pressure should get SOMETHING…

  2. Wow, I didn’t know about all these!!

    Here’s some news:

    BREAKING: Hillary Clinton in So. NM the SAME TIME as McCain, as Obama is in ABQ (Sat. 10/25)

    Sorry for being off topic, but I am truly mad now…not only is Clinton doing an event close by as the same time as McCain…BUT, Obama is in ABQ the same day! Since last week’s debate, Clinton has not been making moves that make me happy…she seems to be trying to attach herself to Obama way too much for me.

  3. I call it ” Our 50 state plan” and “the october surprise”

  4. I understand what Hillarys plan is but I just dont like it or respect it – I guess that may be one of the reasons she said her chances at running for president arent good – because she may not be able to get the support for her previous followers once this is all over.

  5. Now that Baruch Obama is the elected president will it be harder to remove him even if he doesn’t comply with the court orders?

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