Follow Up: Acorn and The Bailout

While writing the piece about how the Democrats attempted to earmark the bailout to divert funds to ACORN, it occurred to me that some of my readers might not completely understand who or what ACORN is, how they are related to the Democratic Party, how Obama is intertwined with this group and why the inclusion of this group is so significant.

To explain further, I am going to defer to NancyA of NoQuarter and Renaissancelady48, and Larry Johnson of NoQuarter and Eastan Macniel, also of NoQuarter.  These people have done some ground breaking work on ACORN.

Here is a recommended selection of reading….  (in no particular chronological or informational order) (with a contribution from yours truly )

Lots of good reading…  that should tell you everything you need to know about the people that Obama keeps diverting money to and who he chooses to associate with!

UPDATE:  Just Say No Deal has a great graphic up!

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