John McCain’s New Ad Is Brilliant

This ad does 4 things…

1.  It is a pre-emption of a “race card.”

2.  It takes a bit of news time away from the Democrats, no matter how small.

3.  It makes it a tiny bit less of Obama’s special day and more of America’s special day.

4.  It emphasizes what a good and decent human being McCain really is.

Absolutely brilliant.

Aside from that…  I too must congradulate Barack Obama on this day for his historic accomplishment.  This is a great day for all Americans.

14 Responses

  1. Brilliant, just brilliant! McCain acknowledges a historic event and also congratulates Obama.

  2. Old Johnny is classy today.
    And taking some time from the fray
    Congratulates Zero
    And Martin, our hero—

    Tomorrow Obama will pay.

  3. What a classy ad. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I didn’t even see it as an ad. But it is – so that’s points for McCain. Subtle sell.

  5. There once was a man named McCain
    who suffered and endured much pain
    he’s more than a match
    from Obama to snatch
    the race card bane.

  6. Imagine running against such a historical event for America, the first black man to be a serious contender for POTUS. Seeing how underhanded and undignified the candidate has run his campaign to date, playing the race card against his fellow party members, with an ego that a stadium cannot contain.

    Yet McCain acknowledges and congratulates his character lacking opponent, paying respect to the historical nature of the event, and remains unintimidated by it.

    That is Country before Party.

    A real class act that doesn’t need hype when you have integrity.

  7. George and Charlie on ABC both just commented on what a classy, smart ad it was. John really knows how to throw the curve ball. And we all know that the DNC had planned this nomination on this date for months, that it was no coincidence. This is why Obama was selected, not elected. The caucuses and primaries never mattered. The coronation HAD to happen today. Poor Hillary never had a chance and her supporters went through hell with her–all for nothing.

  8. It’s easy for me to support McCain since I volunteered for him in 2000.

    His wife is an amazing woman and has always loved our country:)

    ~a former Edwards, then Hillary supporter !

  9. I am very glad to see McCain do this. And I do think he is sincere.

    thanks for posting it.

  10. Thanks for this. McCain is definitely a class act.

    I hope his message portends another historic day next week — a woman for VP on the Republican ticket.

    After the incredible disrespect and thuggery the Democrats have practiced on Hillary, her supporters and all women (yes, even those who support The One, although they are too uninformed and male-dominated in their thinking to realize it), a woman VP pick would give McCain a landslide.

    Fingers crossed.

  11. I agree on McCain to be elected our president and he is worthy of the title and will do a fantastic job!

  12. just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you in Denver!

    I too think the ad brilliant, I will be voting republican for the first time in my life, and I am going to enjoy seeing Obama lose in a land-slide McCain victory!

    One Love

  13. Hi Edwin, (and daddysdarlin!)

    I made it back home to South Jersey! What a great memory we all made in Denver!!! I will always remember the experiences we shared and all the friendships made with PUMA’s at the PUMA HQ in Denver~ what exceptional extraordinary PUMA’s we are!! We will not go away quietly!! WE ALL WILL BE HEARD!!

    I LOVE this ad! It is wonderful! It shows CLASS by McCain to give bo a lil recognition on his (selected) coronation! opps! I mean nomination!

    AND!!!!!!!! I LOVE WHO JOHN HAS CHOSEN FOR HIS VP!!!! what a brilliant pick!!! He WILL GET MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is TIME to put a WOMAN in the White House and keep OUR country in the hands of Americans!

    I will take my vote this November, and REMEMBER how my party disregarded my vote and cheated in every sense of the word!!

    I cant wait to pull the lever for McCain/Palin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NObama!! NObama!! NObama!!

  14. I feel that I must help McCain – any way I can. I think this ad like most of you , was well done.
    You know Obambi doesnt know when he has been blind sided -he is a bit naive isnt he and he is immature. Whereas McCain makes decisions a mature person would make.
    Hillary supporters must get above the tricks of the obambi bots. I am by leaving the party temporarily.

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