Obama Fails Real Life 3AM Phone Call Test – Big Time

From Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times:

The Obama campaign has for months pursued the odd strategy of having the junior senator from Illinois act as if he were already kinda-sorta president of the United States. In June, it tried sticking a quasi-presidential seal on his lectern. Then in July, he conducted what seemed like official state visits with foreign leaders and delivered something like a “prenaugural” address in Berlin, inviting comparisons to JFK and Reagan.

Now fate has given Obama a chance to be presidential rather than pretend….

Obama’s response?

First, late Thursday evening, he gave a conventional written statement calling for calm, U.N. action and “restraint” from both sides — followed an hour later by a slightly stronger condemnation of Russian aggression and a call for a cease-fire.

During Obama’s make-believe presidency, we’ve heard about bold action, about the courage to talk to dictators. When faced with a real “3 a.m. moment,” Obama — who boasts about 200 foreign policy advisors, broken into 10 subgroups — proclaims, “I’m going to get some shave ice.”

WOW…  maybe we should actually put someone up for nomination that would be President, not someone that pretends.

We would do well to remember that this is a man with VERY few actual accomplishments professionally either in politics or in academia. 

As the Editor of the Harvard Law Review he managed to avoid publishing even one article, and at my Law School it was impossible to become Editor without publishing so I have no idea how he managed that.  As a Lecturer at the University of Chicago, he did not publish one piece of academic work, but did manage to take a year to write his book about himself…  in Bali….

He was a State Senator for 8 years, which is a job that meets only 65 some odd days a year, and did not pass even 1 piece of legislation for the first 5 years in office, and only started passing bills when they were essentially handed to him at the finish line. 

He was also a US Senator for ONE year before he decided that he was qualified to be President, with his lack of accomplishment in the Senate that astounds, not to mention the fact that he is one of the least bi-partisan people in the Senate.

Essentially, the only thing he has done is write books about himself and win elections.  That’s it.

And yet, because we HOPE and BELIEVE, we are supposed to trust that this man is able to handle that 3AM phone call?

Well, Obama has failed a real test of what a 3am phone call is.  And failed big.



Read the whole article…  Jonah has some very not nice things to say about Obama, but he is right on the nose in every respect.




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  1. His whole campaign is about perceptions and marketing and has nothing to do with accomplishments are actions, so this really comes as no surprise to me.

    Mountain Sage

  2. That is why the McCain ads are so successful…they hit him right where Obama MARKETS!!!!

  3. I LOVE how you’ve succinctly outlined Obama’s credentials…guess it’s easy to be brief when you’ve so little…after reading it I thought: Gee, maybe I can be president too!

    Thanks – i learned a few new things….didn’t know he wasn’t published prior to becoming Editor of Harvard Law Review… that’s amazing.

  4. Hi Princess… thanks for coming to the blog! I am a huge fan of your blog and of you, yourself, actually! Thank you for all you have done!!! JSND has been a godsend!

    Also, as far as Obama goes, actually, he wasn’t published while the Editor of the HLR either, which is one hell of a feat…. nor after now that I come to think about it (academic work i mean).

    the closest he has come to producing an academic work was in his first or second year of law school he helped do some research on a paper by Prof. Tribe called “Curvature Under Constitutional Space” which is a brilliant but excessively Federalist paper that essentially decouples the Judiciary from the restraints of the Constitution… friggin scary scary scary.

    And that is all.

    For someone who was Editor of the HLR and someone who worked in academia for several years…. how in the hell do you not publish ANYTHING?

    Of course, how do you remain a State Senator for 5 years and not accomplish ANYTHING either?

    This guy has to go.

  5. he must think he won the election because he’s been on vacation now…

    don’t expect him to be too bold on Russia, after all his top foreign policy advisor is Brzezinski – the guy would like nothing more than to stir up trouble in Russia…hence his plan to invade Pakistan forcing China out of the Middle East…then possibly having to resort to Russia for oil/natgas

  6. forgot to mention – is the MSM ever going to cover the illegal, foreign contributions coming into the Obama campaign?

    apparently the FEC has been investigating and Obama camp continues to take money from Gaza, Palestine, from people with fake names, no jobs, fake countries

    Atlas Shrugs has been breaking the story for weeks – MSM silent

  7. actually Creeping, Brzezinski is pretty anti-Russian aggression dating back from the Soviet days and the cold war when he advocated arming the Mujahadeen.

    All I know is that Obama came out weak as hell asking for everyone else to respect eachothers boundaries like he is Mr. Mackey from South Park, a parody of an elementary school counselor/psychologist in an animated tv series.

    I am sorry, but if that was me… I would come off of vacation and get to work to prove that I could answer the phone… he is getting shaved ice and body surfing…

    NO DEAL.

  8. Lets see, according to this logic, Abraham Lincoln was not qualified to be President of the United States.

    Does singing about bombing other countries in front of the microphones qualify someone to be President?.

    What would happen if we respectfully listened to peoples ideas, refrained from bashing people because they are from one party or the other and made up our minds in late October?

    That would be different.


    Michael Sicurello

  9. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the question. That is a very common one.

    First, to answer your question about Pary… I am a Democrat. He is the presumptive nominee of MY party and I am not happy about that. So the partisanship factor is irrelevant to me.

    Second, I have listened to his “ideas,” most of which were stolen from other candidates and bastardized to the point of ineffectuality.

    Third, I abhor his campaign tactics. I have written in previous posts about how Axelrod is famous for smearing his opponents as racists and playing the race card. Look up some information about the Mayorial race in Philly with a guy named Street. The similarities are striking.

    Fourth, can we please at least try to come up with some original campaign slogans… and hell, campaign speeches. Obama’s “Yes We Can” chant and “words matter” speech were directly lifted from Deval Patricks campaign.

    Fifth, if Obama would stick to any idea he presents, perhaps I would listen. He has backtracked on Choice, Seperation of Church and State, Iraq, Iran, PreConditions, FISA, Campaign Finance, and several other things. It has been shocking how much he has flip flopped.

    Sixth, Obama is not THE NOMINEE yet. If, as Obama is now requesting, we give full votes to MI and FL, the delegate difference between Hillary and Obama is only about 49 delegates. I do not want Obama as the nominee and will continue to speak about why Obama is a weak and unqualified candidate. Out of over 4000 delegates, only about 49 have to change their minds… thats it.

    Seventh, there are plenty of reasons why I object to not only Obama, but to the party as well. Please check out https://texashillblog.wordpress.com/category/a-brief-history-and-personal-declaration-of-pumahood/ for more information.

    Eigth, NO, I will not be quiet. No, I will not shut up. No, I will not sit idly by and watch my party run itself into the rocks. I will do everything within my power to save it… for my party, for my family and for my country.

    Ninth, I have written multiple times about how the DNC and the Obama campaign has done everything it can to not listen to 18million voters. They want to shut us up, shut us down, and refuse to listen. PUMA exists because of the marginalization of the voters. Because of the questionable practices of the Obama campaign in the caucus states. Because of the smears of racism that have been levied against the Clintons and against us. Because of the outright threats against those that prefer another candidate. Perhaps the listening should start with the people asking for my vote!!! They need us, we do not need them.

    Tenth, you are right, Lincoln was unqualified to be President. It was a supreme risk electing him. Was he a great President? Yes, he was. But just because we won the lottery with one President, does not mean that we will win it again. And I am sorry, Obama is no Lincoln, he is no JFK or RFK, and he is certainly no FDR. He is an empty suit that has accomplished 2 things in life… writing books about HIMSELF and getting HIMSELF elected.

    With the economy on perhaps the greatest precipice in the nations history, and certainly since the great depression, with the country involved in 2 wars, with our civil rights infringed on like never before, and with the country’s standing in the world dropping like a rock, I DO NOT WANT A PRESIDENT THAT HAS SOMEHOW WEASELED HIMSELF INTO OFFICE WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING DONE ANYTHING AT ALL.

    Have a great day,


  10. I wish I could take what you just wrote seriously, but you come off way too emotional and irrational.

    If you want people to listen, you can’t go on with that “I won’t shut up, I won’t be quiet!” boo hoo hoo posture. I stopped reading it halfway through and then forced myself to finish because it indicated to me that you were operating on anger and not on thought.Your response to the Lincoln comment is HILARIOUS! Someone brought up a valid point and your response it “well this is different.”

    Look, I was a Hillary supporter, but things didn’t work out. Your options, as are mine, are now 1) vote Mccain 2)vote Obama 3)get involved in politics yourself and make a difference. The beauty of this country is that we all have that opportunity.

    With all due respect,

  11. *response TO it

  12. THC you obviously feel that having Obama as the nominee is against the wishes of 18 million voters, I’m rather sure that Obama recieved an equally staggering amount of votes. Doesn’t somebody have to lose for someone to win?

    I’m not happy with Obama but by no means do I want McCain to be anywhere near the executive branch.

  13. Edmund and Bookworm. I do not advocate the McCain candidacy either.

    Regardless, Obama is not yet THE nominee. He is presumptive and not by much.

    If he does become THE nominee, I will deal with that then.

    And yes, I am already involved in politics and trying to make a difference. Why do you think I am airing my grievances? For fun?

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  15. It’s amazing how poor our two choices are. One is hopelessly naive and inexperienced in foreign policy, the other’s answer for every problem is to use force. Is there no sensible option?

  16. I’m no fan of Obama, but what do you think should have been an appropriate response?

    Hint, in 1965, the West did the same thing (i.e. nothing)


    And while I’m not a War Monger, there are some interesting observations here: http://exiledonline.com/war-nerd-south-ossetia-the-war-of-my-dreams/

    For the US, the question is, what interests are at risk? Surprise, this is about Oil. The more they get, the more they get to act like the bad old USSR.

    Now the real question for the candidates is, what do you propose to do about it when the Ukrainians decide to “amend” their borders?

  17. Actually the big difference between this and 1965 Prague is that in 1965 the West demanded an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council (and got it).

    In this case, the Russians demanded an emergency session and were turned down.

    Interesting article on media manipulation here http://exiledonline.com/the-cnn-effect-georgia-schools-russia-in-information-warfare/

  18. Whats Obama supposed to do? He isn’t president so has no power… anything he says would sound hollow as everyone at home and abroad knows he ISN’T PRESIDENT! :S

  19. Yes Jonah–

    You hit him in his most vulnerable area—his empty suit. What an an excuse for a presidential candidate. If he’s elected, he’ll be made into mincemeat by Putin, et al.

  20. this is to Kennedy121 and others who have faulted our concerns about Obamas lack of experience. This is a man who has access to 200advisors, yet not one of them seems to understand any more than he does that his response about the U.N. is flawed. I would hope that if as a common citizen I know that Russia has a permanent seat on the security council, someone on his campaign would have a clue. That permanent seat allows Russia a vote in any actions taken. Don’t you suspect they might veto any action or vote against themselves? Russia may have asked for an emergency session and been turned down, but they also promised France’s president that they would honor a ceasefire. They honestly seem to believe that they have rights in the country of Georgia, yet other countries recognize Georgia as an independant democracy. This is not a problem in the ability of the U.N. to solve easily. Many forget that when Kennedy stood up to the USSr durring the soviet missle crisis, he had missles behind him. Perhaps McCain understands Teddy Roosevelt’s premise of speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

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  22. THC – thanks for the postings – the good, the bad and the ugly!

    Several points –

    Lincoln was elected in a very different time and for very different reasons. JFK was elected in a very different time and for very different reasons. Teddy Roosevelt had very little political experience; in fact, he was put on the McKinley ticket as VP to remove him from Governor of New York. Again, very diffierent time for very different reasons.

    Why are many HRC supporters not backing Obama? Two reasons –

    1. What I am observing, for the first time, are people not falling lockstep into the ideologies of an established political party or its nominee. In the past, the electorate was pushed to consider the needs of the party first. The current political parties, especially the Dems, are trying to gather everyone together for a great love-in. The problem is that many Americans nowadays are focused on “candidate first, party second.” In short, Americans are becoming more “independent thinkers” when it comes to politics.

    2. Because we are independent thinkers, we align ourselves to a candidate whose ideas and voting record best match our own beliefs. So, people who aligned themselves to HRC are more likely to vote for McCain, NOT as a rebellion to Obama or the Dems, but because McCain’s ideas and voting record are more in-line with HRC’s than with Obama’s. McCain and HRC have consistently seen eye-to-eye on many issues.

    For example, I was very keeping an open mind on candidates at the beginning of this year. However, after HRC’s loss in Iowa, SHE took responsibility. She did not blame her staff or the other campaigns. That shows a type of leadership I have not seen since Reagan. Now that it is apparent HRC will not receive the Dem nomination, I find that McCain’s views better match by own.

    To say PUMAs and others are trying to split the party is simply untrue. They are independent thinkers and simply do not agree with Obamas viewpoints.

    If we do want to make a historical comparison, a similar situation occurred in 1960. Kennedy’s opponent was Johnson for Dem nomination. The southern Dems were furious that Johnson did not get the nomination and threatened to split from the party (a few of them actually did). Kennedy was smart enough to realize this and asked Johnson to be his VP running mate.

  23. I have read all of the same stuff from people like you. If you are a thinking that he is not experienced enough and McCain is think about this. Before all of the issue were happening over in Georgia Mccains Foreign policy advisor was taking 800K from them. This is a huge conflict of interest and some thing Obama would never had done! This also brings in the question of who is Mcnut really helping the Georgians or the USA! Hillary lost she had a good run I give her a lot of credit. She is just as sloppy a leader as I am a writer, her whole campaign was dis functional! How can she lead a country when she can’t control her own people?

  24. I have NEVER voted for a Republican for any office but I will vote for McCain this time because Obama and his pushy, unethical supporters stole the Democratic Party nomination. I have voted in EVERY ELECTION since 1951.when I was old enough to vote.

  25. Jake,

    I have thought about those questions… Once upon a time, I was a foreign policy analyst in DC. I know the conflicts, and I know the region (My specialty was NATO and the Eastern Bloc). I do know what I am talking about.

    I also know that the reasons for the aggression are not what is being played on American TV. And it seems that you do not.

    BUT, for you to insinuate that McCain does not have the interests of the United States first in his heart is the most ridiculous claim anyone has made in this election cycle… even more ridiculous than calling the Clintons racists, which is a pretty hard stretch.

    A peice of advice… when trying to argue a point, especially on foreign policy, try to clean up your writing. A cogent argument is an effective tool and your run on sentences in and of themselves would have failed to convince me that you know what you are talking about, much less the content.

    Have a great day!

    Texas Hill Country

  26. In June, it tried sticking a quasi-presidential seal on his lectern.

    Boy, talk about a stretch! You think that was anything other than well-intentioned humor? You know better. Shame on you for repeating that here.

  27. Ed,

    You mean like the chair on his plane saying Obama’08 with the words “President” below it?

    That’s sure funny! haha…

    (can u smell the sarcasm)

  28. Texas Hill you are absolutely WRONG!!! WTF is the matter with you Hillary supporters? Do you realize that McCain now has Rove operatives in his campaign and it is looking like a Bush 3rd term? What if Obama barely loses the election and McCain gets this country into a F_cked up war? What will be your responses huh? You know what Obama and even Bush took a measured response to the Georgia/Russia crisis. Which it turns out McCain’s top foreign policy advisor was paid several hundred thousand dollars to lobby for Georgia. So McCain comes out with blustery rhetoric against Russia when he knows this country cannot really do anything to stop Russia in Georgia. Even Georgia’s President has now criticized McCain. So even Bush came out with a calm approach just like Obama did. McCain used Liebermanand Goldberg to try to make Obama look weak. When in fact now McCain looks like he was shooting from the hip without thinking. Plus he has financia Georgian ties thru his top advisor. A Fox news reporter questioned Mccain about it and McCain says let’s not get political when in fact as the Fox reporter pointed his campaign had already done so with Obama over the crisis. You people want Mccain to be president? the blood is on your hands if McCain wins aand blunders us into another war. I will just say you heard saying cutting off your nose to spite your face? Cause that is EXACTLY what you Hillary supporters are doing. Hillary does not evensupport your cause. So get your freaking heads out of your ass before I come over and do it for you you freaking GOOFS!!! Godd_mn I am pissed reading this blog from fellow supposed democrats!!!

  29. Lincoln not only saw military action, he was captain of his militia. He had a thriving law practice before and after his tern in the Illinois house. although he did not have a outstanding political record, his views on slavery were openly stated and well known. there was no question on the voters’ part what they were voting for when they went to the polls on election day. if you want to read about the lincoln/douglas debates look here…


  30. Jake, You DO know that accepting a position as a lobbyist is not a thing to be ashamed of? You do know that very honorable people have been lobbyists and that their jobs are specifically protected by the Constitution. You are so very critical of anyone in Washington who has associated with someone in a legal profession, but apparently you have no problem with close associations with terrorists, racists and corrupt money-men.

    John McCain’s views about Georgia started years before he hired the ex-lobbyist. You do know that McCain saw very clearly years ago that Russia and Putin were still dangerous? He’s visited the region many times and met with all parties involved. Unlike Obama’s neophyte statement relegating the attacked as some equivalent party in the fighting, McCain saw immediately what was going on and understood the implications for world peace. The very odd thing history has taught us–particularly when dealing with the Russians–is that appeasement invariably leads to war. It was JFK, a charming, astute man, but who naively thought he could reason with Kruschev. Kruschev sized him up as a “weakling” and we came the closest in my lifetime to a nuclear holocaust. Obama has no understanding of current affairs because he has absolutely no understanding of history.

    And to the guy who tried to compare Obama to Lincoln, please. Lincoln had a very clear vision of what was important to preserving this Republic. He also understood the enormous sacrifice and innocent blood that had to be shed to preserve the Union. Obama is a weak-sister, with absolutely nothing but vapid rhetoric; he’s guided by no descernable ideals except his own vaunting ambition–which is the reason he changes positions on things that should be guided by basic ideals. Changing ones mind about drilling when gas is at $4 a gallon is a pragmatic reassessment. Changing one’s ideas about the BAD influence of private money in campaigns is changing one’s ideals. Changing one’s mind about the right to bear arms, is changing one’s ideals. Changing one’s mind about the appropriateness of religions controlling public funds even for socially good programs is changing one’s ideals. This man has NO principals. There are flip-flops and then there is a boat with no rudder.

    And, BTW, every time I hear someone tell us that Obama is the “peace now” candidate, I want to barf. He promised to get our troops out of Iraq, but he then told us that if Iran or any terrorists fill the vacume we left, we go back in. That’s just plain stupid. He also advocates that we INVADE Pakistan. Now he’s equivocating about the Russians invading a small neighbor. I’m PDS he’ll be equivocating when the Russians invade the Ukraine and Poland and Hungary. Russia is a bully. Iran is a bully. Hamas is a bully. You don’t reason with bullies. It has not worked even once in our known history. Not once, yet Obama thinks he can do it. Ever since his assanine proposal to meet with the worst bullies in the world without pre-condition, I’ve wondered why he doesn’t practice on the gangs in Chicago and LA. If it’s so easy, we could stop a lot of killing in our own country.

  31. Tim,

    Obama is not the nominee yet. He is still presumptive, but there will be a vote at the Convention, and if he wins, we can address those issues then.

    In addition, I am not reporting anything false… Obama is doing this to himself. I am just relaying information.

    I am sorry, Obama’s call for a kumbaya moment and a group hug while on his luxury vacation where he spends his time body surfing and eating shaved ice just doesn’t cut it.

    Besides… doesn’t that subcommittee of his, you know, the one that has never convened, have oversight over just this situation?

    And in the meantime, while Obama is basking in the tropical sun, McCain is sending his top two advisors (Lieberman and Graham) to Georgia to solve this crisis.

    I think McCain picked up the phone on this one… Obama let it ring.

  32. Wake up people! Hillary is NOT going to be running on the democratic ticket. If you do not believe this, the word is DENIAL. Look it up. You girls are really morons.

    If you support HRC and what she stands for then, why would you not support Obama? He stands pretty much the same on almost every issue. He has more ability to drum up support and get funding… and hey, let’s face it, he won in the primaries. Fighting over this now is just shooting the DNC in the foot and for those who call themselves democrats, it is completely irresponsible and un-american. You may as well be a Bush Cheeney supporter which was what made you want change in the first place.

    It seems to me… like the only last die hard HRC supporters are: angry women or racists who are in denial about reality and would complain and be a stick in the mud vs. working for our common goals. Angry women… GET OVER IT. (Racists… I can’t explain you guys.. that’s just ignorance)

    HRC supporters… listen to your girl – SHE IS EVEN TELLING YOU TO VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!

  33. Jan,

    If that is what you think then you obviously don’t understand the PUMA movement.

    It isn’t really about Hillary. It isn’t really about party platform.

    I encourage you to read the following and educate yourself.


    And by the way, I am not a woman nor am I a racist. And just to pre-empt you, I am not a republican.

  34. Let’s just point out that with regards to Georgia,… McCain would just want to go to war with Russia… after all, his is a war monger just like W. But lets see,…. we can’t do that anymore and we don’t have any real power against Russia, why? Well, we have over extended ourselves in the quagmire we created and brought on to ourselves in Iraq. If we did not go to unnecessary and illegal wars, we could probably stand up against Russia now. The reality is, we are stretched too thin now because of the past 8 years of Un-American Republican imperialism.

    It’s funny to me how republicans try to make Obama out as if he is an elitist…. taking an “expensive” vacation. oooooo As if McCain and his multimillion dollar bank account does not count… oh yea he keeps it in his wifes name for tax and political reasons. Do you think McCain is going to do anything in Georgia other than try to use it as a political photo op. What a joke.

  35. Jan, are you actually suggesting we go to war with Russia? Actually, if we’d listened to McCain early on (like 10 years ago), we’d have more leverage with Russia. And McCain is NOT advocating that we go to war with Russia, but he is pointing out that the kumbayaa with Putin is OVER and to accept the fact that Putin is not ready for membership in civilized-cooperative organizations.

    And about Iraq being an “illegal” war, that’s ridiculous. You may disagree with the decision to go in; you may disagree with the conduct of the war; you may have wanted to get out pre-surge, but our foreign allies and our legislative body agreed to the war.

  36. You mean like the chair on his plane saying Obama’08 with the words “President” below it?

    That’s sure funny! haha…

    I can smell the overreaction, and it ain’t good.

    So, you’ve never seen a campaign bumper sticker before in your life? Or do you seriously think that a campaign slogan like “Obama ’08 President” is some violation of some precious piece of etiquette somewhere?

    I’m tired of the faux offense, silly reactions to inconsequential things. We know you don’t like Jonah Goldberg can’t read Latin, but we don’t have to stoop to his level of uneducation, miseducation, or disinformation.

  37. Ed,

    It’s arrogant as hell and presumptuous as hell, regardless of what you think.

    and, ummm… i don’t understand your last sentence?

    maybe i am either too educated or too uneducated to get it…

  38. “I will just say you heard saying cutting off your nose to spite your face? Cause that is EXACTLY what you Hillary supporters are doing.”

    Thats better than Obama’s supporters cutting off the heads of Americans now isn’t it?

    Hillary ’08!
    NObama ’08

  39. To reply to:

    ” If you support HRC and what she stands for then, why would you not support Obama? He stands pretty much the same on almost every issue. . .”

    A lot of people stand the same on many of these issues — but that doesn’t mean that they would all be good presidents — and Obama is among those who wouldn’t be. Unlike Clinton, he is inexperienced and unknown. “A community organizer” for 3 years — what did he do?? No one really knows – probably not much. I (and many people I know) do more community organizing part-time in 3 months than he appears to have done full-time in 3 years.

    He’s never convened his Senate Committee, can point to no task forces or work groups that he’s led, and has no real measurable accomplishments except for writing 2 books and getting elected. He’s never been really vetted, and of his many advisers, it’s unclear who he’ll listen to. I’m strong for HRC, but would never vote for Obama.

  40. who will she choose as vp and when? I’m so excited to find out.

  41. Really scary. I agree with your assessment. You have succintly summed up his “accomplishments”, and they don’t add up to a resume for a President of the United States.

    He is damned good and lucky at getting chosen by people for some unexplainable “thing” they see in him (starting with his time at Harvard) and getting him moved right along up the political ladder. (Stepping on and bullying people all the way along, and taking credit for other people’s work and ideas, as necessary.) I just don’t get why people want to put someone who has so little of his own, in charge of such a monumental and complex task as running this country at this time in history. Who is going to be his puppet master? his decision makers?

    RE Lincoln: please don’t even think of comparing Lincoln to Obama. That drives me crazy. For one (minor) thing, it was a completely different time and candidates came about in different ways then they do now, to be sure. For another thing, Abraham Lincoln had worked hard and brilliantly for years as a lawyer and outspoken legislator before running for president. (I doubt he ever voted “Present” as a legislator; since he was such an accomplished lawyer and ready and willing to argue his own well thought out positions.) He had military experience and was familiar with business and economic issues through his law work. Sound like Obama at all???? I think not.

    And of course Hillary is going to be a dedicated worker for the Democratic Party – as she has been for her entire adult life. What else would she do? She is consistent and loyal to a fault, and you know what you get with her. Many people who have a hard time imagining voting for Obama for a variety of reasons, do appreciate and understand Hillary’s statements suggesting that they should support Obama. They respect her, but probably don’t believe in him all that much. And they are not terrified of McCain. He is not a neo-con, although he is Republican, and people feel that he actually wouldn’t be another George Bush.

    And if you think Obama is squeaky clean while McCain is all tied up with lobbyists, why don’t you do a little tiny bit of research about Obama’s money trail? I am afraid of someone with no real known history to speak of, being beholden to so many “bundlers” and fundraisers and corporations, someone who has paid off superdelegates on a grand scale and lied about not taking money from “big oil” and others. (And what was up with that energy bill vote? and his back-tracking on Exelon and nuclear regulators? and those NAFTA shenanigans?) He really frightens me. He is an operator and a user, and I don’t know what his agenda really is. He changes his policies at the whim of the wind and the polls, to suit his political needs, and he has already blown off the “progressive” supporters who brought him through the primaries (i.e., FISA, abortion, off-shore drilling, public financing, IRAQ, etcetera.) Doesn’t he just leave you with a sick feeling?

    I think we could have done a lot better in this election cycle.

  42. sara b, succinct , lucid summary of why Obama is absolutely terrifying. Who’s going to be the puppetmaster? I think we know that. George Soros and the Trotskyites running has campaign. Watching the Russians this last week brings back some awful memories. The rhetroric from Moscow compared with Russian actions on the ground. “Cooperation” in public statements while the thugs in the Russian army are stealing, sinking or bombing Georgian assets. If the hate-America crew can’t see the essential difference between the disciplined, caring US serviceman and the absolute savagery of Russian servicemen, then I can only conclude that the hate-blame America first crowd has a very scary agenda.

  43. Hi sara b:

    Excellent post!

    Just wanted to comment on, “He is damned good and lucky at getting chosen by people for some unexplainable “thing” they see in him…. and getting him moved right along up the political ladder.”

    That was Oprah who got the Obama thing going.


  44. […] Obama Fails Real Life 3AM Phone Call Test – Big Time From Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times: The Obama campaign has for months pursued the odd strategy of having the junior […] […]

  45. […] Obama Fails Real Life 3AM Phone Call Test – Big Time From Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times: The Obama campaign has for months pursued the odd strategy of having the junior […] […]

  46. […] Oh, and to review failure #1…  CLICK HERE […]

  47. it seems that this space is infiltrated by “o bum a ” supporters. three comments of mine are removed! who is doing this illegal /unethical act? stop it! you cannot hide facts!


    JD, I have not approved your comment because I don’t support the information you keep linking. If you can get more credible sources I would be glad to approve them.

    Thank you

    Tex Hill

    ****END EDIT****

  48. Texas Hill Country-
    It’s not often I’ve been able to find such a well reasoned series of supported, intelligent and non-inflammatory arguments as to why Obama should not be running the country.

  49. washingtonpost.com

    By Michael Rubin

    In selecting Joseph Biden as his running mate, Barack Obama acknowledged the importance of foreign affairs to this year’s election. His Web site trumpeted Biden as “an expert on foreign policy” and a man “who has stared down dictators.”


    Biden’s unyielding pursuit of “engagement” with Iran for more than a decade has made it easier for Tehran to pursue its nuclear program. His partisan obsession with thwarting the Bush administration has led him to oppose tough sanctions against hard-liners in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


    The November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate affirmed the fruits of such investment when it found that Iran had pursued a nuclear weapons program until 2003. Although Biden’s embrace of engagement coincided with Iran’s nuclear warhead work, he acknowledged no error. He told reporters on Dec. 4 that Bush had “misrepresented” the intelligence in a drive to war and declared the same day, “You cannot trust this president.”

    Such poor judgment was not lost on Iranian leaders. Indeed, one of Khatami’s top aides suggested that they came to count on it. At a June 14 panel with Iranian journalists and political advisers, former Khatami spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh explained, “We had one overt policy, which was one of negotiation and confidence building, and a covert policy, which was continuation of activities.”

    He advised President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to soften his defiance, noting that: “During our negotiations and so long as we were not subjected to sanctions, we could import technology. We should have negotiated for so long, and benefited from the atmosphere of negotiations to the extent we could import all the technology needed.”

    In early 2007, evidence mounted that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was planning terrorist activities in Iraq. An August 2007 National Intelligence Estimate found that “Iran has been intensifying aspects of its lethal support for select groups of Iraqi Shia militants” and that “Explosively formed penetrator (EFP) attacks have risen dramatically.”


    The next month, the Senate considered a bipartisan amendment to designate the Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization, an important step to aid nonviolent efforts to deny it funds and financing.

    Biden was one of only 22 senators to vote against it. “I voted against the amendment to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization because I don’t trust this administration,” he said. Distrust of the U.S. president is the nature of politics but skepticism about foreign dictators and their Brown Shirts is the backbone of judgment.

    No matter. Biden’s political games have made him Tehran’s favorite senator. As Gen. David Petraeus struggled to unite Iraqis across the ethnic and sectarian divide, Iran’s Press TV seized on Biden’s plan for partitioning Iraq and featured his statements with the headline “U.S. plans to disintegrate Iraq.”

    Biden’s attack-dog statements about U.S. policy failures emboldened Iranian hard-liners to defy diplomacy. In the Dec. 7, 2007, official sermon, Ayatollah Mohammad Kashani, speaking on behalf of Iran’s supreme leader, declared, “This senator (Biden) correctly says Israel could not suppress Hezbollah in Lebanon, so how can the U.S. stand face to face with a nation of 70 million? This is the blessing of the Guardianship of the Jurists (the theocracy) … which plants such thoughts in the hearts of U.S. senators and forces them to make such confessions.”

    The crowd met his statement with refrains of “Death to America.”

    Obama picked Biden for experience. But he might also have considered judgment. When it comes to Iran, Biden could stare down dictators. Too bad he blinks.

  50. Obama picked Biden for experience. But he might also have considered judgment. When it comes to Iran, Biden could stare down dictators. Too bad he blinks.

    Biden was telling George W. Bush not to be stupid, not to do something stupid and deadly to America. It wasn’t Biden who blinked. Bush, so far, has taken Biden’s advice. Praise God.

    Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” did nothing to us. Turns out he didn’t have any, as his intelligence director told the CIA (Rice and Cheney said ‘we don’t want to hear that’). But Bush’s invasion of Irqq has made us vulnerable to Iran, to China, and saddled our great-grandchildren with debt.

    Don’t take your eye off the ball in the ballgame, please.

  51. Ed, I don’t disagree…

    But McCain is not Bush.

  52. Mr.Darrell, the point here is not the weapon programs of the mullahs of Iran! The point is, as the ancient Greeks observed, a nation that does not practice justice abroad is not going to practice justice at home! Biden, chair of the judicial commitee is shielding one of the most sexist, anti-human rights regimes of the world. According to Amnesty International, Islamist Iran is one of the few countries in which violations of human rights ARE legal! What does that say about our leaders and about us? Is it any wonder that Hillary got so sexistly derailed!

  53. JD, I disagree. I don’t think Biden is shielding the Bush administration in any way. In fact, he’s working to protect taxpayers and citizens from another ill-advised,adventurist mistake.

    As for Iran, Biden is absolutely right. A nation that is nearly hopelessly bogged down in a war it didn’t need to fight, a war it chose for bad reasons, it cannot rattle its sabres against another significant power. What does it say about Bush that he’s put the U.S. into a position where we can do nothing about Iran? Especially considering that, on September 12, 2001, Iran expressed its desire to rejoin the fraternity of nations and aid the U.S. in defeating terrorists and Osama bin Laden?

    Nations cannot keep two characters. We cannot pursue unjust policies in foreign affairs and expect justice at home. Biden knows this well, and pushes for justice on both fronts. Never forget that Biden was the guy who faced down Milosovic, calling Milosovic a war criminal to his face.

    And, you do well to remember that Biden is the author of the Violence Against Women Act. His fight to establish the independent Violence Against Women Office in the Justice Department has made it nearly impossible for the Bush administration to sideline and ignore the law.

    When facing up to war criminals, and when fighting against sexism, it’s good to have Joe Biden on your side. When the Bushies start making hollow threats against Iran that empower Iran in the long run, it’s good to have Joe Biden to face them down. If we are ever to get Iran to the negotiating table on human rights, it will be with a record of accomplishment on those issues ourselves. Joe Biden is leading that fight.

  54. In the first debate, Obama proved how undemocratic he is when he said that he will meet with any and all evil leaders of the world whenever he wants! The real democrats must make this lawyer understand that:(a) America is not a monarchy; (2) human rights, aka integrity, in international relations matters! Thanks!

  55. Anyone with any familiarity with “security clearance background checks” knows that Obama cannot meet the neded criteria. Questions like Ayers, that church and drug use are the usual disqualifiers for everybody else. How can he be considered for the position of commander in chief of the U.S.A if a security clearance may not be issued for him?

  56. JD, Obama is a member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He’s been to Iraq. He probably has top secret clearance at least. His momentary meetings with Ayers wouldn’t disqualify him, either, apart from his election. Ayers was acquitted of wrongdoing, essentially (when it was discovered that the U.S. Justice Department was illegally gathering evidence against him, among other crimes the Justice Department was committing), nor is there any indication that Ayers has not repented of his crimes (as he stated in his book), nor is there any evidence Ayers is still involved in radical activities that would disqualify him from a top secret clearance, and — most telling — Ayers’ standing doesn’t affect Obama’s, since Obama isn’t Ayers.

    How can people spread bizarre stuff without bothering to check the facts?

  57. How can people spread bizarre explanations without bothering to check the whole comment?

    “Anyone with any familiarity with “security clearance background checks” knows that Obama cannot meet the neded criteria. Questions like Ayers, that church and drug use are the usual disqualifiers for everybody else.”
    Analysis: Twenty years membership in J Wright’s church and drugs and palling with Ayers and other fascists, like Hamas agents, would bar “everybody else” from receiving a security clearance. Just ask any lawyer whose specialty is obtaining them for her/his clients. Good luck to all of us!!!!!
    p.s. only a fascist bombs and or encourages the bombing of Congress!

  58. only a fascist bombs and or encourages the bombing of Congress!

    Oh, no! McCain and Palin are wrong again! They’ve been saying Obama’s a socialist. Have you told them?

  59. Most people do not know that “national socialist” is the same as fascist. Since, for better or worse, I am not in any way affiliated with any presidential campaign, it is a good idea that you tell all parties involved. Thanks!

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