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Hillary Clinton Is Secretary Of State-To Be



A Solution For The Banks…

I have been reading many of the various proposals to solve the financial crisis that we are facing here in the United States and the rest of the globe because the securities that are tied to the values of the troubled US assets were sold all over the world.

The United States is in a period that should be ripe for an instant and tremendous boom in growth. Energy prices are incredibly low, index rates are ridiculously low… and yet nothing is moving and credit, the lubricant of the economy, is not being extended or is extended at a premium.

First, a bit of a conversation about why banks are having solvency issues and are therefore either not lending or are lending at a premium….

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Hillary Clinton To Accept Secretary Of State Job

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API’s Sammy Korir, Of The Michelle Obama Tape Fame, Using A Fake Name?

Mountain Sage is a friend of mine and has done some fantastic work tracking down the API and exposing them for the frauds they very likely are.

Now that Mr. Korir is scrubbing his website, Mountain Sage has gone into overdrive to try to make sure that this alleged scam artist is truly brought out of the shadows and into the light.

She contacted me to help her track a few things down for her and to help out with some background research on Sammy Korir. I used to work as a researcher, so it’s like second nature to me. “No problem,” I said…. And I got to work.

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Obama Transition Team Full Of Lobbyists

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17th Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit Filed…. By Alan Keyes No Less

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